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About IndoBlah

What is IndoBlah?

It's a webtool designed to help people to learn languages. For the moment it supports English / Indonesian, but more languagues will be included upon request

How it works?

IndoBlah is a community powered tool, this means that everyone can contribute to make this webtool better. You just have to register and start adding lessons if you want to assume a teacher role and help other people to learn your language, or simply log in and start doing lessons if you want to learn a new languague or improve your languages skills

You also can take a more active part and help us to translate IndoBlah to your languague or be one of our editor and wirte/improve sections, like the one you are reading right now

Is it completely free? Why?

Yes, IndoBlah is absolutely free. We have built this tool to help ourselves to learn other languagues, but in the process we realized that it can be very useful to other people too, so we are realeasing it for free. Besides that, IndoBlah is a community tool, it's the community who help to make it bigger and better, simply it's not fair to get money for something we are building together.